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CEO Profile: Joey Price, Founder of Push Consultant Group LLC

The path to entrepreneurship was anything but direct for Joey Price. As an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, Joey obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, the study of human movement. He believed that this degree would lead to a career in the health field, but that was not the case. As he pursued his degree, Joey also served as a Resident Assistant (RA) to students, a job he describes as “HR for his residents.” His experience supporting these students and making a difference in their lives fueled his desire to work in the Human Resources field. In fact, one may say that his job as an RA, was a “push” into the HR field.

Amidst a turbulent work environment, high unemployment, and frantic job searches, Joey decided to use his work experience as an HR professional to establish Push Consultant Group,LLC, a career and job search consulting firm. Push offers resume’ revisions and critiques, mock interviews, and career counseling. For those who need guidance on their career path, Push provides counseling to determine personal strengths, career interests, and potential job openings or employers. By forming Push, Joey uses his background as an HR professional to take on the challenge of reducing the nation’s high unemployment with hopes to get Americans back to work by supporting their career search.

Before jumping into his entrepreneurial venture, Joey learned to be creative, resourceful, persistent, and confident. Many of these lessons were taught by his mentors, a collection of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. In addition to utilizing mentors for advice and support, Joey recommends any aspiring entrepreneur or young professional to read books on topics related to your career or business venture to acquire the knowledge necessary to be successful. Developing a personal brand was a difficult task for Joey and one he overcame with the creation of Push.

Since founding Push, Joey has discovered it is also necessary to be thorough and passionate and develop your personal brand. Joey describes passion as doing something because you could not see yourself doing anything else. The largest obstacle Joey faced in starting Push was making the most out of what he had. No experience exemplifies this better than when Joey lacked internet at home. Instead of letting this effect the progress of his budding business, Joey took to Starbucks and other restaurants, not for high-priced food or lattes, but for the free wireless internet networks. In business you will be presented many opportunities when you must be creative to achieve the outcomes you desire without all of the resources necessary. When you rise to the challenge as Joey did you have experienced a How to Make It Moment.

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